• Product Launch Checklist: How to Launch a Product, According to HubSpot’s Experts
    Like a tree falling in the woods, if you plan a product launch without spreading the word — will anyone use it? Will anyone even want it? Probably not. Whether you’re launching something huge, something small, or you’re updating a current offering, you’ll want to start your preparation well in advance of the launch date […]
  • The 2 Simple & Straightforward Methods for Market Sizing Your Business
    When you’re considering a new venture, one of the first things you should do is determine whether there is a valuable market for it. Imagine putting in months of hard work to realize that there are only 100 people in the U.S. who will potentially buy your product. Knowing this early on will enable you […]
  • The 6 Stages of the Product Life Cycle
    When I was 12 years old, I used to be confused about my cousin’s CD collection. Why have CDs when I could go on iTunes and listen to all my favorite songs? This is a perfect example of a product life cycle (PLC) in action. No one wants their product to become “obsolete” and reach […]
  • 15 Productivity Hacks for a Successful 2023
    One of my biggest challenges with working from home is staying focused and completing every task on time. After all, home is where my TV, phone, kitchen, and cats are — it’s not exactly set up with productivity in mind. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get things done. Fortunately, there are many practical, […]
  • Scheduling Instagram Posts: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know
    Posting Instagram content when your audience is most active on the app increases chances of engagement, brand awareness, referral traffic, and conversions. However, it’s not always efficient to hover over your phone or laptop to post on Instagram at the perfect moment — so you’ll need a way to schedule Instagram posts ahead of time. […]
  • 8 Best Project Management Podcasts to Listen to in 2022
    The project management field is growing. By 2027, employers will have 88 million PM roles, according to the Project Management Institute. To capitalize on new opportunities, PMs must keep up-to-date with industry trends and insights. Whether you’re an industry professional or just starting your career, we’ve gathered 8 of the best project management podcasts to […]
  • The Crisis of Disconnection: Why It’s Time to Rethink Your Growth Strategy [HubSpot Data]
    This post is a part of The Crisis of Disconnection, a thought leadership series examining the latest research and insights to uncover how businesses can meet their growth goals, even amidst unprecedented changes to the way we work. If there’s a topline takeaway from the research that prompted us to call The Crisis of Disconnection by name, it’s […]
  • 5 Ways HubSpot Managers Keep Teams Motivated Before the Holidays
    The holiday season can be a time of year when people are surrounded by family, friends, good food, and traditions. As a manager, you might be excited to get some much-needed rest and relaxation while also wondering how you’ll wrap up end-of-year projects alongside thoughts of celebrations.  You don’t want to lose your stride with […]
  • Marketing Budget: How Much Should Your Team Spend in 2023? [By Industry]
    As a marketer, you’re always pitching new ideas to your team. And you’ve also faced a consistent follow-up question, “How much from our marketing budget do we need to execute?” Ultimately, being a successful marketer isn’t just about thinking strategically. It’s also about adhering to a strict budget, achieving new levels of growth, and choosing […]
  • How to Easily Manage Customer Data Across Multiple Apps
    Wouldn’t it be nice if customer data management were easy? Are you longing for a world where your contact’s email, conversion date, and who on your team spoke with them last are readily accessible? If that’s the case, you’re not alone. Managing customer data can get messy, especially if your business uses multiple apps. However, […]
  • How the Potential Recession is Already Impacting Hiring Plans in Marketing [New Data]
    Early this year, conversations surrounding an upcoming recession started making headlines. Then, we saw mass layoffs and hiring freezes happening, particularly in the tech world. According to our 2023 Marketing Strategy Report, 48% of global marketers say the potential for an economic downturn or recession has affected their company’s hiring plans in 2022. The report […]
  • Color Theory 101: A Complete Guide to Color Wheels & Color Schemes
    While text-based content is always important when seeking answers to a question, creating visuals such as infographics, charts, graphs, animated GIFs, and other shareable images can do wonders for catching your readers’ attention and enhancing your article or report. Knowing color theory and design can help you make content stand out. I know what you […]
  • Instagram Marketing for Small Businesses: The Complete Guide
    Seventy-one percent of US businesses use Instagram to market their products, services, and brand to more than one billion users on the app. With a variety of interactive features, Instagram marketing has become essential for small businesses. Your team needs need to have an Instagram marketing strategy in place to harness the platform’s power. Read this […]
  • How to Do a SWOT Analysis [With Template & Examples]
    As your business grows, you face more obstacles, challenges, opportunities, and projects in general. It’s a good and natural part of scaling an organization, but how do you determine your priorities? Which initiatives should you execute on first, and which challenges should you address right away? Enter the SWOT analysis, a framework that can help […]
  • When Is the Best Time to Post on Instagram in 2022? [Cheat Sheet]
    If you want to find the best time to post on Instagram, you’re probably trying to reach a specific goal. Maybe you want to maximize the number of likes you get on each post. Or you hope to improve brand awareness by getting new followers. If you’re new to social media you might start posting […]
  • Best Signature Fonts for Emails and Documents
    If the subject line of an email is the attention getter, then the signature is the lasting impression you make on the reader.  Email signature fonts play an important role in shaping your tone as a professional and showcasing your personality. With so many other components in an email, both in terms of content and […]
  • A Nonprofits Guide To Using LinkedIn
    Your nonprofit likely takes up a lot of your time, and you might not have a huge staff to delegate responsibilities to. So, taking the time to use online platforms might not seem like the best use of your time. However, platforms like LinkedIn can be great for nonprofits, especially for connecting with people interested […]
  • Is IGTV Gone?
    I remember recording a 20-minute video I intended to upload to Instagram as IGTV content. The video was a collaboration with a few of my content creator friends, and I was so excited to share it. Imagine my surprise — and confusion — when I logged into Instagram and couldn’t find the IGTV feature! I […]
  • HubSpot to Continue Delivering the Promise of Connection
    Platform solutions have always been known as a one-stop shop for all of a marketer’s needs. At their core, platforms are meant to help marketers, whether that’s understanding their customers’ journeys, optimizing the path to purchase, or quantifying the revenue that a campaign produces. And, as I discussed last year, HubSpot delivered on the promise […]
  • The Top Marketing Trends of 2023 & How They’ve Changed Since 2022 [Data from 1000+ Global Marketers]
    The marketing world moves at the speed of light. As a marketer at any experience level, keeping up with these changes isn’t always easy. But, to succeed in the fast-paced marketing world — and maintain a sense of relevance with your audience — it’s vital to stay ahead of them. To help businesses build cutting-edge […]
  • The Business of Creators in 2022: What Marketers Need to Know
    Content creators and the creator economy are becoming more integral to the success of marketing campaigns. Our 2022 State of Inbound Marketing Trends Report found that 88% of brands have a dedicated budget for working with influencers and creators. We also found community will be a top priority for marketing strategy in 2023. To gain […]
  • TikTok SEO: How to Increase Your Discoverability on TikTok
    According to Google, 40% of Gen Zers prefer to use TikTok over traditional search engines. Gen Z would rather do a quick search on the app and see a visual representation of user-generated content (UGC) in the form of reviews, recommendations, and tips from everyday consumers than read about it. So, if you’re ready to […]
  • What is Twitter Spaces? [+Why Marketers Should Care]
    Following months of beta testing, Twitter made its new audio feature, Twitter Spaces, permanent. Today, the highly-discussed feature is finally available to all users. Spaces, which allows Twitter users to listen to and participate in public audio conversations, entered its beta test shortly after the launch and $100-million valuation of the app Clubhouse – which […]
  • Benefits of Influencer Marketing [Data + Expert Insight]
    The creator economy is built around influencers and their audiences. As audiences put a significant amount of trust in their favorite influencers, it makes sense that marketers would want to pay more attention to influencer marketing than before. This post will go over the data-backed benefits of using influencer marketing, along with insight from a […]
  • HubSpot to Continue Delivering the Promise of Connection
    Platform solutions have always been known as a one-stop shop for all of a marketer’s needs. At their core, platforms are meant to help marketers, whether that’s understanding their customers’ journeys, optimizing the path to purchase, or quantifying the revenue that a campaign produces. And, as I discussed last year, HubSpot delivered on the promise […]
  • How to Write a Memo [Template & Examples]
    A memo (also known as a memorandum, or “reminder”) is used for internal communications regarding procedures or official business within an organization. Unlike an email, a memo is a message you send to a large group of employees, like your entire department or everyone at the company. You might need to write a memo to […]
  • The Ultimate Guide to Nonprofit Fundraising
    Nonprofit fundraising is exciting. It’s the lifeblood of charitable organizations and can serve as a way to raise awareness of a cause and drum up interest among donors. Fundraising is also a massive undertaking. Because it’s likely your primary means of income as a charitable organization, raising money can be a burdensome, never-ending effort. It […]
  • The Ultimate Guide to RFPs
    Have you been tasked with the job of creating a request for proposal, or an RFP? Whether you have no idea what that is or haven’t written one in a while, today’s guide can help. We’re diving into the specifics of what an RFP actually is, why you might need one, and how to create […]
  • 20 Essential Instagram Marketing Tools You’ll Need in 2022
    With thousands of Instagram marketing tools to choose from, how do you know which ones you need? The key to building an Instagram marketing tech stack is to ensure that you have tools that perform these core functions: research, creation, execution, measurement, and optimization. This list gathers Instagram tools with this principle in mind. Each […]
  • Why Integrated Productivity Tools Matter for the Future of Work, According to HubSpot’s CMO [+ Announcing an Exciting Partnership]
    As marketers, we know first-hand the importance of using effective software. Powerful tools enable marketing teams to increase the quality and timeliness of their marketing efforts. Consider, for instance, how project management software can help you coordinate cross-functionally and ensure all team members have visibility into the tasks required to get a campaign off the […]
  • Are Seasonality & the Economy Impacting Marketers in Q4? [Traffic & Conversion Data from 150K+ Companies]
    This time each year, nature – as well as marketing – slows down as we head into colder seasons. As we enter Q4, marketing departments are preparing for a slowdown in business that comes as people tune out towards the end of the year. But, while seasonal change is expected and inevitable, this year’s economic […]
  • 10 Events and Conferences for LGBTQ+ Entrepreneurs
    Welcome to Breaking the Blueprint — a blog series that dives into the unique business challenges and opportunities of underrepresented business owners and entrepreneurs. Learn how they’ve grown or scaled their businesses, explored entrepreneurial ventures within their companies, or created side hustles, and how their stories can inspire and inform your own success. LGBTQ+ people […]
  • YouTube Analytics: The 15 Metrics That Actually Matter
    Some of us marketers have an unhealthy obsession with YouTube analytics — we track too many of them. Maybe we think we can prove any video marketing campaign is producing results if there’s an eye-catching percentage by its name. But, deep down, we all know that some metrics are more revealing than others. There are […]
  • The 13 Best Blogging Platforms for 2022 (& How to Pick One)
    Companies that blog get 55% more visitors than businesses that don’t. But to get that increased traffic, you need the best blogging platform for your needs and goals. Publishing blog content offers many benefits. Blogging can help you establish authority in an industry. It can drive brand awareness, share company news, and better convert website […]
  • How SKIMMS, Liquid Death, and Other Brands Made Age-Old Products Feel New, Exciting, and Different
    Let’s face it — there’s always another brand out there that makes a product similar to yours. Chances are that there are quite a few brands that make products or services similar to yours. It’s also likely that new brands and businesses will pop up in the future with similar products. With this in mind, […]
  • What HubSpot’s Highest Performing Blog Posts Have in Common & Why These Elements Work
    Wondering what elements make up a successful blog post? We reviewed our top 8 blog posts on the Marketing Blog in 2022. Traffic-wise, each of these posts has received over 500,000 organic views since publishing and earns at least 40,000 views monthly. Let’s see what they have in common and what marketers can learn from […]
  • 4 Things Content Marketers Can Learn From HubSpot’s Creators
    The creator economy is changing marketing in various ways, and keeping up can be challenging for content marketers unfamiliar with this relatively new landscape. Fortunately, HubSpot invests in creators and keeps a pulse on the latest content creation trends. I spoke to creators in HubSpot’s Creator Program and asked for their advice on how marketing […]
  • A Crisis of Disconnection: Three Workplace Trends Slowing Business Growth [New Data]
    This post is a part of The Crisis of Disconnection, a thought leadership series examining the latest research and insights to uncover how businesses can meet their growth goals, even amidst unprecedented changes to the way we work. It’s no secret that reaching customers has become more challenging in recent years. Interested in going a few […]
  • Why the Creator Economy is a Huge Opportunity for Marketers, According to Joe Pulizzi [+ New Data]
    Over the last 18 months, the creator economy has been all the rage — and it’s proven to be incredibly lucrative. In fact, as of 2022, the creator economy’s market size is estimated at $104.2 billion. The creator economy is made up of bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers, newsletter writers, TikTok and Instagram influencers, and others who are trying […]
  • Multicultural Marketing: What It Is and How to Do It The Right Way [According to Experts]
    Growing up as a first-generation Asian American, I lived between two cultures. One was the East-Asian culture my parents brought from Taiwan, which prioritizes the needs and desires of the family and emphasizes academic excellence. The other was the Western culture that surrounded me outside the house, which prioritizes the needs and desires of the […]
  • 8 Holiday Giveaway Ideas To Boost Revenue
    The holidays are right around the corner, so companies everywhere are gearing up to run fun holiday deals and giveaways. You’re in luck if you need fresh ideas for your holiday giveaways. I’ve put together 8 holiday giveaways to spark joy in your customers and simultaneously boost revenue. 8 Holiday Giveaway Ideas to Drive Sales […]
  • The 7 Best Practices for Building Fantastic Lead-Capture Forms
    So you’ve created the perfect offer and built a web page to promote it. You now need a lead-capture form to collect information. So, what is a lead capture form? In this post, you’ll learn the benefits of lead capture forms, as well as seven best practices that will help you attract prospects. This guide includes […]
  • What’s a Competitive Analysis & How Do You Conduct One?
    When was the last time you ran a competitive analysis for your brand? And most importantly, do you know how to do one efficiently? If you’re not sure, or if the last “analysis” you ran was a quick perusal of a competitor’s website and social media presence, you’re likely missing out on important intelligence that […]
  • 278 Social Media Holidays for Your 2023 Content Calendar [+Template]
    Do you celebrate International Cat Day, Pizza Day, or Talk Like a Pirate Day? There are a plethora of observance days worldwide during which marketers can share content relevant to their industries, get involved in a movement, or simply generate more awareness. But odds are, you probably don’t acknowledge these days until you see your […]
  • Image SEO Best Practices to Make Your Content More Discoverable
    To consider the importance of visual search in 2021, let’s start with an example. The other day, I Googled “how to conduct a vlookup in Excel”. I skimmed a few articles but still felt dissatisfied — I didn’t want to read about vlookups, I wanted to see it. Enter: The power of images. Once I […]
  • Program Management Vs. Project Management: What You Need To Know
    Projects and programs are needed to push an organization’s goals forward. And behind every project or program is a manager working diligently to ensure everything runs efficiently. But what is the difference between program management and project management? What do project managers and program managers do? Here’s what you need to know: Program Manager vs. […]
  • Google Ad Grants: Everything You Need to Know (+ 10 Helpful Tips)
    If you’re a nonprofit, you should be a member of Google for Nonprofits, a program that includes a free membership and access to various products. One product that should be on your radar is Google Ad Grants. With Google Ad Grants, qualifying nonprofits have access to up to $10,000 per month in search ads shown […]
  • What to Post on Instagram: 18 Photo & Video Ideas to Spark Inspiration
    Instagram isn’t just a go-to social network for individuals anymore. Many marketers have caught wind that it’s a powerful social network where they need to have some sort of presence. The platform’s heavy emphasis on visual content like photos, videos, illustrations, and GIFs is becoming a critical way for brands to communicate their story and […]
  • The 23 Best WordPress Video Themes in 2022
    If you produce video content or sell video footage, the right WordPress video theme will allow your content to shine. You’ll also create a compelling experience for your visitors the moment they enter your site. Are you looking for a WordPress video theme to put your video content on full display? There are a lot […]
  • How To Do Affiliate Marketing on Instagram
    Affiliate marketing on Instagram works the same as other platforms, where a business pays someone (i.e., an influencer) a commission for attracting people to purchase its product or service. The amount of commission paid is tracked through a unique code or URL.   Instagram used to have a native program for creators, but it ended in […]
  • Nostalgic Websites: What 32 Popular Sites Used to Look Like
    It’s no secret that website design trends (and best practices) have changed dramatically since the internet’s debut. Reflecting on nostalgic websites and comparing them to their present-day counterparts is an excellent way to understand why updating your site is so necessary.  With the help of the Wayback Machine, we can see what our favorite websites […]
  • 7 Dos and Don’ts of Attending or Hosting Twitter Spaces
    With new social media platforms and features popping up every day, ever wonder about the etiquette you should follow? In this article, we’ll be covering Twitter Spaces etiquette for attendees, hosts, and speakers. Twitter Spaces Etiquette for Attendees 1. Listen more than you speak. On Twitter Spaces, everyone has a role to play. The host […]
  • Why Your Digital Product Isn’t Selling — and How to Fix That [Expert Insights]
    You’ve created a digital product, put it up on your website and announced it to your audience. But despite the hard work you poured into bringing your online course, ebook, or other digital product to life, it’s not selling.  When you’re in this situation, it’s tempting to give up. To throw your arms in the […]
  • 5 Blogging Trends to Leverage in 2023, According to HubSpot Leaders
    A key to a successful marketing blog strategy is to keep a pulse on the latest blogging trends. However, that can be difficult if you’re a marketer with several different responsibilities and platforms to manage. Fortunately, I spoke to a few of the blog leaders at HubSpot to get their recommendations on the right blogging […]
  • The Best B2B Lead Gen Campaigns for Every Channel
    As a marketer, you’re always on the hunt for more leads. However, building the best lead generation strategy involves an in-depth understanding of tried-and-tested channels. Then, you’ll need to find the most effective combination of tactics for your unique goals. In this post, you’ll gain insights into each major channel for B2B lead generation, including social […]
  • 9 Black Friday Marketing Strategies for 2022
    The holiday season is around the corner, so it’s time for marketers everywhere to gear up for Black Friday. From optimizing your website to launching outstanding deals and giveaways — there’s a lot that marketers need to account for. If you’re unsure what to do, here are nine marketing strategies that will wow your customers […]
  • What to Do if Your Email is Hacked (+ Sample Messages To Send)
    If you’ve received an email from someone claiming to have hacked your account, don’t panic. It’s important to stay calm and take the necessary steps to protect yourself and your data. This blog post will provide sample emails you can send to your contacts after being hacked. We will also share tips on protecting yourself […]
  • 20 Questions to Ask When Creating Buyer Personas [Free Template]
    Knowing your customers is a crucial component of successful inbound marketing. Get started with buyer persona questions that can help you understand customers’ mindsets. We’ve gathered 20 questions that can help you identify your audience. After you explore the answers, use this free buyer persona template to share your findings with the rest of your […]
  • 10 Form Conversion Optimization Tips to Generate Better Leads
    So you’ve created an amazing landing page to promote a special offer. You’ll need form conversion to turn your hard work into leads. Where you place your forms, how they’re designed, and the language in your call-to-action all shape your visitor experience. Get these elements right, and you can grow your lists.   This post explores […]
  • How to Determine Your A/B Testing Sample Size & Time Frame
    Do you remember your first A/B test you ran? I do. (Nerdy, I know.) I felt simultaneously thrilled and terrified because I knew I had to actually use some of what I learned in college for my job. There were some aspects of A/B testing I still remembered — for instance, I knew you need […]
  • How to Create Your First Web Form (Tutorial)
    Forms are often an integral part of a buyer’s journey, and most companies already use web forms as part of their marketing strategy. In fact, 74% of companies use web forms for lead generation, and 49.7% say their online forms are their highest converting lead generation tool. Forms can vary greatly in purpose — you […]
  • Best 10 Virtual Event Platforms To Host Your Next Event
    Are you planning a virtual event and not sure which platform to use? From large platforms like Hopin to smaller, more niche platforms, we’ve got you covered. Check out our list of the 10 best platforms to host your next virtual event. What is a virtual event platform? Key Features to Look For in a […]
  • The Job Search Process: 10 Tips on How to Land Your Dream Job (+3 Resume Examples)
    The job search process can feel daunting. Every step of the process — from finding relevant opportunities to interviewing — is a major time investment. However, an organized to-do list can keep you on track. In this post, you’ll learn the essential steps for an organized job search and tips to help you land your […]
  • 10 YouTube Trends to Leverage in 2022 [Data + Expert Tips]
    In 2020, I looked up more recipes than I ever have. Mostly Italian if you’re wondering. I also spent a lot of time watching videos on YouTube, letting the autoplay feature take me down a rabbit hole of videos covering all kinds of topics. Most consumers were doing the same thing. So, what should marketers […]
  • How to Get Buy-In from Some of the Top Marketing Leaders: 3 Execs Discuss What KPIs Matter to Them
    Whether you’re creating a new content campaign, launching a YouTube series, or revising your social strategy, you’re going to be asked the same question by leadership before getting their support: “How will this impact our company’s bottom line?” That can be a difficult question to answer — which is why it’s critical you know your […]
  • The Top 5 B2C Marketing Trends of 2023 [New HubSpot Blog Data]
    In 2022, 51% of B2C marketers plan to increase their marketing budget. The question is where is that budget going? Will marketers reinvest in the same strategies or try new trends? To understand what trends B2C marketers are leveraging in 2022, we surveyed 1,067 global marketing professionals working in B2B and B2C companies.  From influencer […]
  • The Great Resignation: How It’s Changing Hiring for Companies and Job Prospects [+ Expert Insight]
    The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that over 47 million Americans quit their jobs in 2021 — this is what’s now known as The Great Resignation. As there has been a significant increase in the number of vacant positions and the number of workers who have left their position, it makes sense that hiring priorities […]
  • Which SEO Metrics Matter Most to Marketing Leaders, According to Semrush’s VP of Brand Marketing
    Having a strong SEO strategy is critical for reaching new audiences and generating leads for your business. In fact, 43% of marketing directors, VPs, and C-suite executives reported SEO as one of the most effective strategies their companies currently leverage. Creating a powerful SEO strategy requires consistent testing and iteration. Over time, certain metrics can help […]
  • Instagram and TikTok Resumes: Are Marketing Managers Watching Them?
    Instagram and TikTok are apps typically used to share special moments, connect with others, or promote our brands — but can we also use these platforms to create and share resumes? In 2021, TikTok launched TikTok Resumes, a program designed to “continue expanding and enhancing TikTok as a new channel for recruitment and job discovery,” […]
  • The HubSpot Blog’s 2023 Marketing Strategy & Trends Report: Data from 1,200+ Global Marketers
    If the last few years taught us anything, the real test of a marketer’s skill is how well they adapt to change. In fact, in our most recent research, nearly 80% of marketers say their industry changed more in the past three years than in the last 50.  That also means consumer attitudes and preferences […]
  • How to Increase Email Sign-ups With Better Forms (+Examples)
    In the last 12 months, 77% of marketers have seen an increase in email engagement. Cold prospects get to know and trust you, while you stay top of mind (or top of inbox). However, your team needs to drive signups to reap the benefits. That all starts with your sign-up form. Better email sign-up forms […]
  • How to Create a Social Media Report [Free Template]
    Social media is an undeniably powerful channel for marketing in 2020. In fact, social networks are the biggest source of inspiration for consumer purchases, with 37% of consumers finding purchase inspiration through social channels. However, if you’re using social media as a tool for organic exposure and brand awareness, rather than just a channel for […]
  • 10 Creator Economy Startups Marketers Should Know
    As the creator economy continues to expand, so do the needs of content creators. Whether it’s crowdfunding, financial guidance, or new ways to connect — there are many moving parts content creators must consider to be successful. Fortunately, new creator economy startups are providing the tools, resources, and platforms needed to make the business side […]
  • How to Develop a Content Strategy in 7 Steps: A Start-to-Finish Guide
    Whether you’re just starting out with content marketing or you’ve been using the same approach for a while, it never hurts to revisit your content strategy plan and make sure it’s up-to-date, innovative, and engaging for your prospects and customers – no matter when or how they intend to buy. If you’re having trouble planning […]
  • How to Promote Your Business on Facebook
    I was only 12 years old when Facebook became available for anyone with a valid email address. By the time I was 14, one of the top trends was to create a fan page that anyone could follow. I remember that feature being used by friends as a way to tell jokes and post funny […]
  • Creating a Channel Strategy: The Complete Guide
    Be honest. Do you know what your non-marketing colleagues do all day? Sure, you might have a general idea of what your co-workers in sales, finance, and HR do, at least categorically. But it seems that many of us — myself included — have those days, weeks, and months when we’re so bogged down in […]
  • The Best 17 Website Plugins in 2022
    There may be a feature or experience you want to add to your website, but you don’t have the coding chops to build it yourself. A website plugin can help. So what are website plug-ins? Plugins are extensions that expand the functionality of your website. All you have to do is hit “install.” In this […]
  • How to Add Social Media Icons to Your Email Signature [+ Free Resources]
    78% of consumers are willing to buy from a company after a positive experience on social media, according to a poll by Harris. But that can’t happen if they can’t find you. Adding social media icons to your email signature makes it easy for customers to connect with you on their terms. Today, we’ll cover […]
  • The 10 Best Leadership Podcasts to Make You a Better Leader
    Looking for some new leadership podcasts to check out? We’ve got you covered. From tips on how to be a better leader to interviews with top CEOs, these top leadership podcasts will help you develop your skills and knowledge. Whether you’re a new or a seasoned leader, there’s something here for everyone. 1. CEO School […]
  • The 10 Best Leadership Podcasts to Make You a Better Leader
    Looking for some new leadership podcasts to check out? We’ve got you covered. From tips on how to be a better leader to interviews with top CEOs, these top leadership podcasts will help you develop your skills and knowledge. Whether you’re a new or a seasoned leader, there’s something here for everyone. 1. CEO School […]
  • How to Grow Your TikTok Following [Expert Insights + Data]
    Growing followers on TikTok can seem like slow process. And if you’re putting in the hard work to create amazing content, it can feel extra frustrating. To help speed things up, we’ve compiled a list of the best strategies to gain followers on TikTok — fast. Of course, nothing can replace good content, but there […]
  • 5 Networking Tips for Entrepreneurs with Disabilities
    Running your own business can be a great career choice for people living with long-term disability or health condition. This may relate, in part, to the increased flexibility around working hours that self-employment brings. Working for oneself can also promote a sense of being a master of one’s destiny and not having to contend with […]
  • 6 TikTok Myths, Debunked in 2022
    Many marketers have flirted with the idea of trying TikTok, but certain misconceptions have stood in the way. For instance, isn’t it just a platform for teens? Specifically, teens who lip-sync? To help curb the confusion, we’ve rounded up a list of common TikTok myths to help you decide whether it deserves a spot on […]
  • LinkedIn Launches Live Audio Events: How They’ll Differ from Clubhouse & Twitter Spaces
    Twitter has Spaces. Facebook has Live Audio Rooms. Clubhouse has…Clubhouse. Now, LinkedIn is grabbing a seat at the table with its own audio feature. Let’s talk about what LinkedIn Audio Events is, how it works, and what it could mean for marketers. LinkedIn first launched a beta version of Live Audio Events in January. Then, […]
  • The Top Challenges Marketing Leaders Expect to Face in 2023 & How You Can Solve For Them [Expert Insights & Data]
    Every marketer faces different challenges. Maybe you’re struggling to keep up with the latest trends. Or perhaps your team is finding it difficult to pivot your marketing strategy due to major global events. Today, marketing is so fast-paced that it can be difficult to identify which areas you’ll want to focus on to facilitate stronger […]
  • The Top Goals of Marketing Leaders in 2023 [New Data + Expert Insights from Uber, Dropbox, and ClickUp]
    To effectively lead a marketing team, it’s imperative you know your top goal. Whether your goal is to increase revenue or improve your customer’s understanding of your products, starting with a clear objective will help you map out a strong strategy for 2023 and beyond. But it can be difficult to identify the most important […]
  • 40 Office Costume Ideas for Marketing Nerds & Tech Geeks
    Halloween is a fun holiday, but it doesn’t always get the attention it deserves — especially if it falls on a weekday when most people have to work. Fortunately, there is still a way to indulge in the spooky holiday while in the office — dress up and join your office’s Halloween festivities! How many […]
  • How to Implement Affordable AI in 3 Steps, According to the Marketing AI Institute Director
    Artificial intelligence is continuing to make an impact on the business world. In fact, McKinsey predicts that up to $2.6 trillion in value will be unlocked by AI in marketing and sales alone. But, if you’re less tech-savvy, you might be intimidated by terms like “artificial intelligence,” “machine learning,” and “algorithms.” You probably also hear […]
  • How to Choose a Blog Name That’ll Grow With Your Brand
    Rebranding a business can be a smart and necessary step to growing a long-lasting business. However, when it comes to your brand or business blog, renaming your blog doesn’t have to be. From the start, you can choose a blog name that stands the test of time, and the various iterations of your brand’s life-cycle. Outgrowing […]
  • Topic Clusters: The Next Evolution of SEO
    Written with contributions from Leslie Ye, Matthew Barby, Anum Hussain, and Cambria Davies TL;DR: Influential search engines like Google have changed their algorithm to favor topic-based content. As a result, websites are exploring a new way of linking related content under a “topic clusters” model. This report serves as a tactical primer for marketers responsible […]
  • 28 Best About Us & About Me Page Examples (+10 Templates)
    The “about” section of your website should include your mission, purpose, and who’s on your team. The right about us or about me template can help you expertly lay out your vision. That’s why our team gathered five templates to help you build the perfect about page.  This post includes best practices for crafting a […]
  • The Top 6 Search Engines, Ranked by Popularity
    Oftentimes, marketers focus heavily on Google when vying for traffic. It makes sense considering Google is undoubtedly the most popular search engine, with over 80% of the search market share. But that popularity makes it the most challenging search engine on which to rank highly. You might be missing critical opportunities for traffic if you […]
  • 10 Essential Job Search Strategies to Help Land Your Next Big Gig
    A job hunt is a time-consuming process. It usually takes a few weeks, if not months to land a job. If you want to cut the time to hire and explore all your career opportunities, it’s worth following a job search strategy. Here’s a selection of tried and tested methods along with the tools that […]
  • 6 Spooky Marketing Campaigns Just in Time for Halloween
    Spooky season is officially upon us. It’s a fun time for consumers and an even better time for brands that get to be playful with their audience. Below, you’ll find examples of Halloween marketing campaigns, from ad spots and seasonal products to social media posts and influencer campaigns. 1. Twix It’s hard to think of […]
  • 8 Innovative & Inspiring Examples of Augmented Reality in Marketing
    The Augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality market size worldwide is expected to jump by more than 220 billion USD between 2021 and 2028. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, has said that AR will one day be as important in our everyday lives as “eating three meals a day.”  AR has also made its way […]
  • 24 Reddit Stats and Facts to Know in 2022
    Since it launched in 2005, Reddit has remained a mystery to many marketers. Reddit is a user-influenced platform that embraces discussion and community engagement over content creation or branding. Its difference in focus makes Reddit vastly different from other networks — like Facebook or Instagram — where brands naturally find their niche. In the past […]
  • Why Recruiters Are Reaching Out To Candidates Directly & How to Access This Hidden Job Market
    If you’re struggling to get in front of hiring managers, it could be because recruiters are shifting away from traditional methods to find candidates. In this article, we’ll cover the causes behind this shift and how job seekers can meet recruiters where they are. The Hidden Job Market In 2021, employers everywhere experienced the Great […]
  • 6 Spooky Marketing Campaigns Just in Time for Halloween
    Spooky season is officially upon us. It’s a fun time for consumers and an even better time for brands that get to be playful with their audience. Below, you’ll find examples of Halloween marketing campaigns, from ad spots and seasonal products to social media posts and influencer campaigns. 1. Twix It’s hard to think of […]
  • What is Data Deduplication? A Plain-English Guide
    As a marketer, you likely deal with data in some form on a regular basis. So, how is data deduplication relevant to you? With so much critical information saved on our computer systems, we’ve learned to backup data regularly — including our email inboxes, Word documents, photos, and entire folders of old work. It’s typically […]
  • The Best Ads We’ve Seen on TikTok + Why They Made Us Tap the Link
    Believe it or not, TikTok users aren’t opposed to ads — they just have high expectations for them. The most successful ones are quirky, creative, and entertaining — almost a reflection of the platform itself. When brands take the time to understand TikTok, it becomes much easier to develop concepts, jump on trends, leverage effects […]

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